Virginia Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education 



The Virginia Chapter of the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME) has been in existence since 1998.  The organization meets on a regular basis to plan activities and address issues and concerns affecting Virginians across the state.

The Virginia Chapter of NAME hosts or co-hosts an annual conference to bring together university and school divisions professionals along with community activists and students to share the latest research, instructional strategies and outreach focused on issues of equity and diversity.


     Officers                                                Membership Benefits

VANAME Officers:

President: Rebecca Harris (Bridgewater)

Vice President: Beth Lehman: (EM)U

Secretary: Brenda Tyler (Radford)

Treasurer: Gaston Dembele (Radford)

Membership Coordinator: Stephanie Wasta (JMU)

Communications Coordinator: Kara Kavanagh

Members at Large: Ron Shultz (EMU), Ashley Jaffee (JMU), Reece Wilson (JMU)



Promoting critical multicultural education and advancing a philosophy of inclusion throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia;


Networking with other professionals  who are committed to critical multicultural education and social justice; 


Collaborating with colleagues to organize and promote VA-NAME’s ongoing programs; 


Meeting and participating in professional development three times annually.











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